Wednesday, 11 April 2018

I'm a Amdavadi now!

So many days passed since I had been here. And so many changes occurred in my life. Out of these changes two most important changes are my status and my current city. My marital status changed from single to married and I got moved from east to west. Yes I moved from Bengal to Gujarat. After settling down things I get the chance to write for my blog, my own blog. A good side for writing blogs is you can write what you want to write, what your heart wants. It's a good platform for amateur writers.

I think these days in Ahmedabad are helping me to be more practical and more self sufficient. Because I have managed to do all the household chores and buying things that needs to run the household myself. I'm really happy that I can do all these things myself as I never did these before. I have made few new friends here. One of them is really nice. I'll write about it another day and keep writing about other things also. Till then stay happy and do what you really love to do.

It's never too late to make a fresh start. Good wishes to all of you.

Thank you for reading my post.

With love,

Friday, 26 June 2015

3 things that keep me going

I have been thinking through out the evening about what I should write today for my blog post. After so much thinking, I just get the idea and blaming myself how stupid I am! As I have taken too much time to think about the topic. It's nothing but Nablopamo writimg prompts! It's all about what are three things that keep myself going.

1. The most important thing that keep myself going is my dream. It's the thing for what we have good gestures to fulfill our wishes. My dreams always whispers to me 'do this' or 'do that'.You can never keep yourself going if you have no dream. It continuously pushes us to carry out our doings. It wakes us up in the morning, forces us to burn our midnight oil.

2. Another important thing is love. It is something so charming, so magical. I always love to do what my loved people wants. Because  I love them and want to make them happy. It pushes myself to do something that I never did before. That's the magic of love.

3. According to my views the last one is my habit. It tells me 'it is the time to do this'. Most of everyday chores we do because of it.

That's all friends. See you soon!

©Anwesa Chattopadhyay

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Love, Laugh and Live

Yes, it's all about three Ls. Love, laugh and live. Really these three Ls are very important in our life. 

Let's come to the first L. Love someone. Someone can be your partner, father, mother, brother, sister or pet. No matter to whom you love but love. Love is magical by its very nature. Though it may seem like a mere-four-letter-word but it's truly magical. It keeps your mind healthy, evergreen. If you love someone you can feel this and don't forget to tell me how it feels like. :) 

You don't need a big reason to laugh. You can laugh even if you don't have a so called reason, of course if you want to. If you are a serious person all the time and don't like grinning much try to laugh this time. Well, there is no problem if you haven't started it yet, start now. You can feel a change within you something you never experienced ago. It keeps you happy and jovial all the time.

It's the time of third L. Recently somewhere I have come across this precious sentence ' If you die today, tomorrow two. ' This means if you die today, tomorrow will be second day of your death. F-E-A-R has two meanings. ' Forget Everything And Run ' and ' Face Everything And Rise '. Choice is yours. Life by its very nature has ups and downs. But there is no meaning of dying everyday. Live your life. Live life to the fullest!

And yes, if you haven't used these three Ls in your life yet, use now. This is perfect time to use. All the best!


©Anwesa Chattopadhyay


Saturday, 30 May 2015

What your mind wants!


And I'm back! I must admit the leave was long, but you know it's better late than never :). 

 Let us come to the topic of my post. It is about something the words of mind, more precisely what your mind wants. At the end of the day the thing matters is your mind's wish. Never carry others' wishes, you must feel it as a burden, carry your own.It will bring your inner peace.You may compromise with your mind's wish for others peace. But never do that at least in some cases. ( Well, I admit they have done much for you and you're forever indebted, still. ). You can never be happy. You can never find your inner peace. At the end of life you must think what I did for myself through out the life or why I don't listen the words of my mind. So, listen what your mind wants.

 Sometimes you may feel how it is possible to go against others' wishes who are so close to you. But listen to me you can! It's possible of course. Just need a little will. Nothing is that difficult.

 That's all friends! I will be back soon. Till then take care of yourself. All the best!


©Anwesa Chattopadhyay

Friday, 6 February 2015

Book Review: It Happens For A Reason

After completing 'It Happens For A Reason' by Preeti Shenoy, I promptly logged in to let you know how much I liked her new novel. Preeti ma'am used to write so damn good, that I get stuck to her write ups whatever she writes.I loved her way of thinking very much, some are really innovative and deserves praises as well.

Vee is the protagonist, who is 'over independent' in Suchi's word , who is 'soul sister' of Vee. Preeti Shenoy drew a character again within Vee who let you force to think for a while about how independent are you or how much brave are you. She is a single mother. In our country such decision to be a single mother is not everyone's cup of tea. You need to be much brave at all to take such a decision. She is truly an inspiration to us. She is owner of 'Paw-Factor' as well. Such a career is not well known in our country. I liked this thing very much too.If you haven't read it yet, read it now.I really recommend you to read it.

Here goes to my rating - 4.5/5 

©Anwesa Chattopadhyay

Sunday, 30 March 2014

To those who are homemakers........

Are you a homemaker? Please don't tell that you are a housewife.I don't like that term.Because you are an individual yourself, not mere someone's wife.Whatever, I am coming to the topic.

A homemaker is someone who meticulously does regular works of household, takes care of her kids, husband, in laws simultaneously.Without she the home becomes somewhat like a desert.She is someone who fulfills the 'home' in the true sense.

But there is something to think, to discuss.You should devote your entire life to take care of your kids,husband and in laws.Is it right? I think it shouldn't.Because you are an individual yourself, that I already mentioned.You have dreams, passions, hobbies.There is only one life.Do something for your own pleasure too.(Please don't think that that I'm forbidding you to take care of them.I'm not that stupid.Never forget to do what is your duty.) Can you memorize what was your dream in student life? Or what were your passions?I know you can.Now stop dreaming and start pursuing.If you want to pursue higher academic degrees enroll yourself in open universities.Or if you want to play guitar you may enroll your name to a guitar class.Or if you love to write you may join in a creative writing course.But start doing.I can tell you that you would feel really better.You will find your own world.

Please keep some time only for yourself from every day's routine.You would see that the dreams what were black and white turns into colorful gradually.

My all best wishes to all of you!

©Anwesa Chattopadhyay

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

To the all who have an aspire to become an author

Hey there!

How has all of you been?I am fabulously well :)Just now I got an idea about my blog post.Have a dream to become an author?Then have a look here.I am writing today for all aspiring authors.

Let see what advices are given by  great authors.

Preeti Shenoy :

"If you want to write, the best way would be to start to read.Read, read and read.Make your reading wide and varied.Read everything you can lay your hands on.And then write.Write about anything.Write about everything.Write about nothing.But write.
That's the only way to become a writer."

Kiran Manral :

" Keep reading and keep writing. Write something every single day. No matter what."

Fatima Bhutto :

" Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Don’t be attached to anything, everything is improved by revision."

So,Keep reading and keep writing.Write down what is on your mind.But write.
Never give up.Sometimes you can't express what you want to say.But never break down.Try again.Grab your dreams tightly as much as you can.Life is very short to be a pessimist.Learn to see dream and learn to chase them until you achieve them.

All the very best!

Your criticism will matter immensely.Drop comment what you think about my write ups.


If you want to write, the best way would be to start to read. Read, read and read. Make your reading wide and varied. Read everything you can lay your hands on. And then write. Write about anything. Write about everything. Write about nothing. But write. - See more at:

If you want to write, the best way would be to start to read. Read, read and read. Make your reading wide and varied. Read everything you can lay your hands on. And then write. Write about anything. Write about everything. Write about nothing. But write.

That's the only way to become a writer! - See more at:
If you want to write, the best way would be to start to read. Read, read and read. Make your reading wide and varied. Read everything you can lay your hands on. And then write. Write about anything. Write about everything. Write about nothing. But write.

That's the only way to become a writer! - See more at: